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Given below are the Zodiac Sign with time period & Hindi Names

1st zodiac sign – Aries (Mesh)

If child birth date of birth comes between March 21 to April 20 you are Aries. Aries is first zodiac sign of horoscope. Aries is Mesh Rashi in Hindi Astrology.

2nd zodiac sign – Taurus (Vrishabh)

People, who were born in any date between  April 21 to May 2, are with signTaurus. Zodiac sign Taurus is Vrishabh rashi In Hindi Astrology.

3rd zodiac sign – Gemini (Mithun)

Zodiac sign Gemini is Mithun rashi in Hindi Astrology. If you were born between May 22 to June 21, you are Gemini.

4th zodiac sign – Cancer (Kark)

If Child birth-date comes in any of date between June 22 to July 22 Zodiac sign Child zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancer is Kark rashi in Hindi Astrolgoy.

5th zodiac sign – Leo (Simh)

If you were born any of date between July 23 to August 21 you are Leo. Ruler planet of sign Leo is Sun. Leo is Simh rashi in Hindi astrology.

6th zodiac sign – Virgo (Kanya)

People were between August 22 to September 23 are Virgo. Virgo is Kanya rashi in Hindi astrology. Planet Mercury rules this sign.

7th zodiac sign – Libra (Tula)

Libra is Tula rashi in Hindi astrology. If you were born between September 24 to October 23 you are with sign Libra. Planet Venus governs tula rashi.

8th zodiac sign – Scorpio (Vrishchik)

People, who were born between October 24 to November 22, are with sign Scorpio. Scorpio is Vrishchik rashi in Hindi astrology.

9th zodiac sign – Sagittarius (Dhanu)

Sagittarius is Dhanu rashi in Hindi astrology. People, who were born between November 23 to December 22, are with sign Sagittarius.

10th zodiac sign – Capricorn (Makar)

You, born between December 23 to January 20, are with sign Capricorn. Capricorn is Makar rashi in Hindi astrology.

11th zodiac sign – Aquarius (Kumbh)

You, born between January 21 to February 19, are with sign Aquarius. Aquarius is Kumbh Rashi in Hindi astrology..

12th zodiac sign – Pisces (Meen)

A Child born between February 20 to March 20, Zodiac sign Pisces is Meen Rashi in Hindi astrology. Read more about this sign by just clicking the highlighted link on Pisces.

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