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Top Astrology in Delhi, Marriage, Career, all related Prediction. Because it is Very accurate Prediction & guides you what is Promised in Your Unique Horoscope.
Understand Unique Horoscope

Now, what is Unique Horoscope is what you must understand first as this is New, Latest & Advance Astrology where we first Fix your Exact Birth Time as with the birth time which you provide for every Top Astrologer for prediction.

As of today, 4 kids are born every second in this Universe & One Kid is born in India.

We also know that Every Human is unique & doesn’t resemble any other person in this universe.

Best Marriage Top Astrologer of 21st Century.

Then how come with the same birt details like

  • 1. Birth Date,
  • 2. Time &
  • 3. Place

The above which is common for all the kids born during that time in that City Who will have the same Horoscope & with the same horoscope how can we get a correct prediction.

Now for a correct prediction, a New, Latest & Advance Method of prediction is in Place where we first do Birth Time rectification & then we cast Unique Horoscope. by Best Marriage Astrologer

Unique Horoscope which is Divided into 2193 Parts as Against 27/249 Parts as practised by our Friend till now.

To cast this unique horoscope following Details are required.

1. Birth Details of the Native.

  •                                 Date of Birth.
  •                                 Time of Birth.
  •                                 Exact Location of the Birth. (Address of the Hospital or Home where the Kid was born.)

                2. Birth Details of Some of the Blood Relation. (Parents, Elder/Younger Brother or Sisters, Kids.)

  •                                 Date of  Birth.
  •                                 Time of Birth.
  •                                 Place of Birth.                

3. Minimum One past Event of life. With Date & Time of the Event. The event like Marriage Date & time, Passing Date & time of an Exam (Basic Education, Higher Education,), Joining Date & Time of a Job, Etc.

Now with the above-Mentioned Details, we are in a position to cast Unique Horoscope & with this, you will get correct & precise prediction.

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