Marriage Compatibility is

  • like-mindedness,
  • similarity,
  • an agreement,
  • affinity,
  • closeness,
  • fellow-feeling,
  • harmony,
  • rapport,
  • empathy,
  • sympathy,
  • friendship,
  • camaraderie,
  • togetherness,
  • communion,
  • physical & Mental Compatability Check by Astrology so that married couple can have a Happy Married Life.

It is done in two steps In our Advance Vedic Astrology. First, we do Birth Time Rectification then we cast Unique Horoscope of Both Boy & Girl. This Horoscope is Unique & has no Resemblance to any other Horoscope in the world.

Prediction is also in Two Steps.

  1. Can the two marry?
  2. Should the Two Marry?

Marriage Compatibility Check

Marriage Compatibility Check.Kundli Milan, Gun Milan, Marriage compatibility check, are general terminology which is used by astrologers to check Marriage compatibility.Between the two partners those who are planning to get married…

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Marriage Compatibility

Marriage Compatibility.  Marriage Compatibility.   In India, it has become a Tradition to Check Marriage Compatibility of the Boy & the Girl whose Marriage is in Question. The Method of Checking this Compatibility…

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