Kundli Milan Done Before marriage for a better life for Couple by Astrologers.

Kundli Milan

Kundli Milan is a general practice adopted in INDIA for Checking Compatibility of two partners.

Those who are planning to get Married Shortly.

Up till now, it was done as Named GUN MILAN where there were a lot of flaws & the results were not very good.

As it was done at Nakshatra Level

Now in the 21st Century, a new Advance Vedis system is in the place where the results are very good.

Given below are some Reasons how the results are good in this system.

This is done after casting Unique Horoscope of both the partners.

The checking is not only done for Physical & Mental Compatibility.

But also It also Done & checks Social Compatibility as in India Marriage is not between the two Partners.

But is also a Marriage between the two Families.


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