Gun Milan in India is General Practise Where horoscope of both the partner’s boy and a girl are matched before marriage.

This is done with the idea that after marriage both the partners should have a happy married life.

I want to bring one thing to your notice that all the marriages after gun Milan are always not very successful.

The results are not very encouraging as where the gun Milan is bad marriages they perform well.

In some cases, Gun Milan is very good couples are standing in the queue to get the divorce and there a lot of 10 Amity between them.

The reason for this is that it has done at Nakshatra level and as per our calculation, we have observed that approximately 311 boys horoscope match date 311 girls.

Now with this, you can very well imagine all the prediction can be very correct and precise.

In advance Vedic astrology.

  • We first do birth time rectification of both the partners and
  • Then unique horoscope of both the partners and then do gun Milan or say Horoscope Matching.

Milan at different levels.

  • Physical & Mental Compatibility.
  • Social, Financial, Health, Sex Etc.

The results with this method are very good.

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