Marriage Horoscope
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Marriage Horoscope.

What is Marriage Horoscope & what is the need?

Generally, with marriage horoscope, we are trying to predict the married life of the native.

As in today’s world where nuclear families are growing rather than joint families, it has become more important to know about his/her life partner.

Now the general question which comes to everybody is mind is to know about his / her Life partner & Married Life.

The first batches of general questions are:

  1.  Is marriage promised in my life?
  2.  If the answer is yes, the question is when will take place?

If the marriage is promised then the next batch of questions are:

  1.  Will it be a love or arranged marriage?
  2.  Will there be a delay and impedance/problems in the marriage?
  3.  What will be the physical and mental character of the life partner?
  4.  What will be the financial status and career profile of the partner?
  5.  When the partners enjoy a long and healthy life?
  6.  From which direction and locality the partner will come?
  7.  What will be the quality and longer with married life?
  8.  Chances of Divorce or chance of separation or second marriage?
  9.  Can the partner capable to perform the sexual act?
  10.  Will, both of us will have the Capability to procreate?

With all the above questions generally native approaches an astrologer give following Birth Details to the astrologer for him to Cast the horoscope & give his prediction.

Unique horoscope or Batch Horoscope.

Why only Unique Horoscope? 

Say for Example sake.

  • Date of Birth: 20/07/1987.
  • Time of Birth: 20.30 Hrs.
  • Place of Birth: Delhi.

With the above-mentioned data Birth Horoscope of all the persons born during that time will have the same horoscope.

Now imagine with this Horoscope what prediction you will get. That is the reason we are always getting prediction with Remedies.

I strongly say that remedies can never have effect & has no use at all.

Want to know more clicks on the link below and go to another page where I have explained about Batch Horoscope & Unique Horoscope.

On this page, I have explained it in detail that only Unique Horoscope can give you correct & Precise Prediction not batch horoscope.

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