Kundli Milan

Kundli Milan for Marriage / Matchmaking Astrologer Before Marriage.

Kundli Milan / Matchmaking Astrologer / Horoscope matching / Kundli Matching is generally done before marriage to see the compatibility of Boy & Girl before marriage so that they can have a good married life.

We can say the method used by our astrologers to find the right match for it girl of a boy by Best Matchmaking Astrologer in Delhi.


Gun Milan this method is in use since long and the results what we have achieved or not encouraging.

Good Gun Milan Number is OK & reports are there are cases of Fights, Separation, Divorce, etc.

When we studied it we found that is the reason & after studying this Gun Milan method we have observed that 300 Girls Horoscope was matched with 300 Boys.

Now hope that it is clear to you, why we are not getting correct results.

Unique Horoscope can Only give Correct Kundli Milan for Marriage.

If Unique Horoscope of Boy & Girl is taken into consideration then we will get correct results.

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Now we have a New, Latest, Advance& unique Method in Place where we are matching one Horoscope of Girl with one Horoscope of Boy. This method is Accurate & Precise.

While matching these Horoscopes we are concentrating on Following Points.

Broadly speaking the quality of married life depends upon Horoscope Compatibility & on the following:

  •  Physical and mental compatibility.
  •  Social and financial status compatibility.
  •  The attitude of life partner particularly to sexual relationship respect for integrity respect for partners relations etc.
  • Domestic environment quality and quantity of interference by close relatives.
  •  Good or bad experience of the married life of close relatives or friends.

The purpose of which the person goes in for married life.

Following Points are main for Kundli Milan for Marriage.

  1.  Can the to marry?
  2.  Should the to marry?

What are the points on which we do Analysis of both the Horoscope charts?








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