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Convention / Traditional Horoscope


Unique Horoscope.

We are concentrating on Unique Horoscope.

Unique Horoscope can only give to correct & Precise Prediction.

Batch Horoscope can never.


Know Us

About Astrologer

Name Nitin Kashyap.

A Mechanical Engineer (Retd.)

In 1977 started learning about Astrology.

From 1977 until 2011 Astrology was a Hobby.

Now, After 2011 I am a full-time Professional Astrologer.

A word from Astrologer.

In my life, I have observed that Astrologers along with Prediction give a lot of Remedies.

Lal Kitab is full of remedies.

I and a lot of my friends & Friends Circle Experienced that these remedies have no effect at all.

This Lal Kitab has become a method to extract money from the native.

Now only Unique Horoscope can give you the correct & Precise prediction.

All the persons born During that one hour & in the same area will have the same Horoscope.

I call it Batch Horoscope.

Unique Horoscope

This method of casting Horoscope is New, Advance, Latest & Unique.

With this Horoscope, we get Correct & Precise Predictions, without any Remedies suggested by Astrologer.

This Horoscope is of the native, I mean that in this we have taken Exact Time of Birth ( Hrs. Min. Sec.).

Time Rectified to the exact Second of the birth, When native took his/her first breath in this Universe.

Exact Place of Birth Where the native was Born. Exact Means Exact Address of Birth.

With this Horoscope, we now can say that the prediction done will be Correct & Precise.

With these prediction Native, himself will be in a position to take corrective measures.







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