Career Horoscope by Date of Birth

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Career Horoscope by Date of Birth.

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The Best Career Astrologer in Delhi. Career Horoscope by Date of Birth By New, Advance, Latest, Unique, Vedic Astrology by Nitin Kashyap.

Hello, friends today we are going to discuss career Kundli Matching by date of birth.

In astrology whenever we start guiding the native which profession is best suitable to the native we keep 3 following things in mind.

  1. First is financial gain, Earning from the profession.
  2. Second is by joining the profession the person should get some status in society.
  3. Third is job satisfaction it means that while performing the duties the person should enjoy it.

Unique Horoscope.

As I practice Advance Vedic Astrology.

We first do birth time rectification.

Then we cast the unique horoscope of that individual.

This is the horoscope of that particular person and has no resemblance to any other person in this universe.

To cast this Unique Horoscope we need some more details from the native so that we are in a position to cast the unique horoscope of that Native.

Click Here to Details required.

After this unique horoscope, we look for that area which gives all the above mentioned Three career requirement Money, Status and Job Satisfaction.

As on today, the career opportunities are unlimited so to gain accuracy it is checked at the Cusp level, Nakshatra level, Planet level and from this we drive as per his/her education. Which is the best career opportunity the person should go in for?

Possible some of you may say that till now we were using only the basic details like date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, so why you are asking for this other details.

Please click here and understand why these details are required.

Hope you have understood what I am trying to say and in case you still have any Query or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me my contact details are as below.

Best Career Astrologer

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