Unique Horoscope | Correct & Precise Prediction.

Astrology, Some of our good Friends Believe & Some Don’t Believe. Some are confused.

I want to say yes it is a science which was not represented by Us Properly.

Now in the 21st Century, New Advance Latest & Unique Method of Astrology is in Place, we must propagate it.

If we are interested to present to our next Generation We must Understand that the Horoscope which we cast is the Horoscope of all the Persons Born in That city & During that Time I call it Batch Horoscope.

This Batch Horoscope can never give a correct & Precise prediction.

So for Correct & Precise Prediction, we Need Unique Horoscope of the Native/Person whose prediction we are giving.


Now to cast this Unique Horoscope to give Correct & Precise Prediction.

We need the Following:

  • Correct Birth Time.
  • Links with his/her Blood relations.
  • Exact Birth Place Location.
  • Minimum one past event of life With date & time of Event.

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