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Best Astrologer in India Nitin Kashyap Astrology.

Some of our good Friends Believe it,

Some of our good friends Don’t Believe it at all &

Some of our good friends are confused.

Now move to Advance Vedic Astrology by Best Astrologer in India which possible every person will Believe it.

The reason is that the method used till now was of Batch Horoscope & the need of the day is Unique Horoscope.

Astrology of Batch Horoscope is the horoscope which is or can be common to many persons born on the Same Day & during that time in the same place.

As the data used by us to cast the Horoscope is;

  • Date of Birth. (OK.)
  • Time of Birth. (Hr. MIn. that also is approximate.)
  • Place of Birth. (City.)

We all know that Twins or Two Kida Born from two mothers on the same day, same time & same place.

Will have the same horoscope But the kids don’t resemble with each other.

We can say that the kids are Unique & possible they don’t with any other person also.

I want to say yes it is a science which was not represented by Us Properly maybe because of some tools which were not available till now, now they are available.

Now in the 21st Century, New Advance Latest & Unique Method of Astrology is in Place, we must propagate it.

If we are interested to present to our next Generation We must Understand that the Horoscope which we cast is the Horoscope of all the Persons Born in That city & During that Time I call it Batch Horoscope.

This Batch Horoscope can never give a correct & Precise prediction.

So for Correct & Precise Prediction, we Need Unique Horoscope of the Native/Person whose prediction we are giving.

Unique Horoscope By Advanced Vedic Astrology to give Correct & Precise Prediction.

We need the following:

  • Date of Birth.
  • Time of Birth.
  • Place of Birth (Exact Location)
  • Links with his/her Blood relations.
  • Minimum one past event of life With date & time of Event.

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