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Janmpatri of 21st Century

Astrology Horoscope. This is Eye-opening & Revolutionary Breakthrough in Vedic Astrology By Best Astrologer in Delhi.

Now Switch from:-

  • Traditional Vedic Astrology to Advance Vedic Astrology.
  • Batch Horoscope to Unique Horoscope.
  • Conventional Horoscope to Unique Horoscope
  • Learn from Best Astrologer in Delhi
  • So that you get Correct Forecast or Prediction
  • Latest & Advanced Vedic Astrology.

Present Traditional Method of casting Batch Horoscope & Prediction:

Today in the 21st Century, a lot of People do not believe Astrology and slowly People are losing faith in Astrology,

To know Why & How it will be restored back.

Why it is happening I will try to explain it below.

  • The reason is that Prediction is not Correct & Remedies also are one factor,
  • Plus after performing Remedies there is no Improvement as Claimed By our Astrologers.
  • Today we will be digging into it & will try to find the cause & their solutions. 
  • What is the Reason & why Prediction is not correct

I will try to explain it by a Simple Example.

1Twins They are different from each otherBirth Details are Same Horoscope is same. Imagine the quality of prediction
2Two Kids Born from two different Mothers At the same time & place They are different from each otherBirth Details are Same Horoscope is same. Imagine the quality of prediction

Now in conventional Astrology as the Date, Time & Place is the same, so their Horoscope is also the same.

Now With these Horoscopes which are same for both, you can very well imagine the quality of Prediction.

 We will call this as Batch Horoscope in now onwards while explaining it.

Now my question is for all Astrology lovers & followers that don’t you think some improvement is required.

So that we get more Correct, precise & accurate prediction.

To get this Let us name these Horoscopes as Unique Horoscope. 

Batch Horoscope/Janmpatri is a Horoscope of all the persons Born on the same day, same Time & at same Place.

New Latest & Advance Astrology of Unique Horoscope.

Unique Horoscope/Janmpatri is the Horoscope which is Unique in all respect & it doesn’t resemble with any other Horoscope. 

Twins will have different Horoscope.

 Also will have their Unique Horoscope which is different & Unique for every kid.

Two kids, born from two different Mothers.

On the same day, Same time & same Place will have Unique Horoscope which is different from every kid. 

Just Click Here & Watch the video In English.

Just Click Here & Watch the video in Hindi.

Astrology Horoscope or Janmpatri Details Required 

Now to cast this Unique Horoscope some more details are required apart from the one we use in casting Batch Horoscope by Astrologer/Jyotish For Horoscope Prediction  By Best astrology predictions.

        1. Birth details of the Native.

                Date of Birth

                Time of Birth (What so ever is Available)

                The exact location of Place of Birth. (Exact Location Place of Birth. Not the City as is used by us till now.)

        2. Birth details of blood relations.

                Date of Birth

                Time of birth

                Place of Birth               

        3. One past event of life with the date & time of Event like.   

  • Marriage Date & time.
  • Joining a New Job Date & Time.
  • Promotion in a Job Date & Time.
  • Change in Job Date & Time.
  • Journey Date & Time.  
  • Etc. Etc.         

 Now with this Birth time Rectification, we cast a janmpatri/Horoscope with Dividing the Chart into 2193 Parts Instead of 9/12/27/249 as done in our Conventional Astrology as this gives better accuracy & for Accurate horoscope prediction. 

We first check the Promise of the event & then discuss it further.

Events like:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce.

Good or Disturbed Marriage life.

Best astrology Life predictions By Date of Birth. By Best Astrologer in Delhi.

Prediction of Future By Unique Horoscope.

Similarly about other events Education, Health, Carrier/Profession, Status, Finance, Family etc.

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