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Best Astrologer in Delhi Ncr, Indian astrologer, Birth Time Rectification ( Hr. Min. Sec.) Rectifying Birth Time Exactly to Hr, Min, Sec. with some extra data Required to do it.

Now with this Rectified Birth Time, We cast Unique Horoscope which is the Horoscope of the Native only & it doesn’t Resemble with any other Horoscope in this world.

Kundali by date of birth, To Cast Unique Horoscope some more details are required which are explained in Details & in case you have any query please do contact me an Indian Astrologer based in Delhi. Advance Vedic Astrology by Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR, Best Astrologer in Delhi, Astrologer in India.

Today in the 21st Century, a lot of People do not believe Astrology and slowly People are losing faith in Astrology,

To know Why & How it will be restored back.

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Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR.

The best Astrologer In Uttam Nagar, Practice The Best, Latest & Advance Vedic Astrology, Where we first do Birth Time Rectification & with that Time which is in Hr. Min. Sec. we cast your Unique horoscope, As you also know that every person is Unique & he or She doesn’t resemble with any other person in this world.

Best Astrologer in Delhi


Kundali by date of birth,
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Unique Horoscope.

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Birth Time Rectification. Unique Horoscope. By Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR & in India.

  • Time of Birth Calculated (Hr. Min. Sec.)
  • Place of Birth Instead of City to Exact Location of Birth.

So that we can cast Unique Horoscope for every Person. this is by Best Astrologer in Indian

Kundali by date of birth or The Horoscope by date of birth which doesn’t resemble with any other in this Universe.

Following Details are required.

                1. Birth Details of the Native.

  •                                 Date of Birth.
  •                                 Time of Birth.
  •                                 Exact Location of the Birth. (Address of the Hospital or Home where the Kid was born.)

                2. Birth Details of Some of the Blood Relation. (Parents, Elder/Younger Brother or Sisters, Kids.)

  •                                 Date of  Birth.
  •                                 Time of Birth.
  •                                 Place of Birth.     

3. Minimum One past Event of life. With Date & Time of the Event.

Prediction with Unique Horoscope.

This is the latest & Advance method of Prediction.

Birth Time Rectification & Unique Horoscope. (Hr. Mn. Sec.).

This is the latest & Advance Vedic Astrology.

Predictions after casting Unique Horoscope are very Very Correct & Precise.

In this method, There are no Remedies suggested only Precautions.

Kundali by date of birth, Best Astrologer in Indian
Unique Horoscope